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Investing in Gold & Silver is a ‘No Brainer

It is genuinely amazing that so many economists and investment professionals continue to promote ‘business as usual’ investment advice. Their clients will surely pay a steep price for this ‘head in the sand’ approach to investing.

Current Investment Realities

a) Stocks ~ In spite of the fact that equities are more or less fully priced, there are those who continue to recommend stocks without caution to their inherent risk. We know the FED’s propensity to create money out of thin air continues unabated and that money has to find a home somewhere. Is a traditional portfolio of stocks the place to be in this new environment? Continue reading

Archives: Death Penalty for Debasing Currency: US Coinage Act of 1792

As most of you know much of our current law was based on English case law. Hence, this was the Royal Mint’s disposition of counterfeiters and forgers. The methods employed for carrying out the death penalty are appropriate even today.:

SOLOMON IDSWELL, Deception > forgery, 20th May 1795.

Reference Number: t17950520-26
Offence: Deception > forgery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death

Are Counterfeiting and Treason any less painful a crime upon the people today? We vote “Nay!” Hasn’t our central government stolen real money by bank note deception and broken sworn promises of redeemability from the American people and their foreign trading partners? And haven’t our current leaders and appointees past and present lied knowingly to perpetuate these crimes ? To this, we vote “Yea!” on both charges. Continue reading

Archives: Golden Secrets (I)

Fair Warning! What follows may scare the Dickens out of you gold bugs but will make silver bugs fall over themselves to swap even more of their gold for silver. Refresh yourself on the benefits of swapping gold for silver HERE

The mainstream gold world wants you to believe that in the entire history of gold mining there has been just over 160,000 tons of gold mined from the ground. On top of that, with all our latest seismic and exploration technology, we have only found about 100,000 tons of underground gold reserves that could be economically mined in the future. That is what “they” want you to believe but… Continue reading

UPDATE: Going, Going, Go…

‘Get a Bit-o’-Silver, me hearties…’

Silver dollars are not generally offered in the “junk” nor bullion categories as they generally sell for higher premiums than the previous category. The accumulation of Morgan and Peace dollars is perhaps the ultimate in the collecting of U.S. silver coins for fun and profit. Peace dollars find enthusiasts and full Peace collections are also very valuable. But again, it is the coins in the best condition, which offer the greatest potential for increase in value.

Brilliant Uncirculated Peace Dollars

Limited quantity

Continue reading

10.05.2017: Archives and more…


The Value of Doing Nothing
Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
You gotta have something if you wanna be with me …
Don’t you remember I told ya, I’m a soldier
In the war on poverty, yeah… (Continue to full article)

Gold Is ‘Money’ Because It Is Plentiful, Not Because It Is Scarce
Gold, and its brother silver, have always been the basis of money, back to the beginnings of “money,” in the late fourth millennium B.C. Already by 2000 B.C., gold and silver had been “money” for over a thousand years–the entire history of “civilization” on this planet. Gold was still the basis of money in the 1960s, in an unbroken line stretching back to the beginnings of history… (Continue to full article)

How To Store Gold At Home
Now that you’ve decided to buy gold and get into true money, its time to think about properly storing and protecting your investment. There are two primary options in safeguarding your gold purchase. You may either arrange to take personal possession, or have your recently purchased gold bullion stored at a third-party insured vault… (Continue to full article)

A Revisionist Theory And History Of Money
The Great Depression of the 1930’s bringing unprecedented world-wide unemployment in its wake was not due to the “contractionist” nature of the gold standard as alleged by John M. Keynes. Nor was it due to “fractional reserve banking” as alleged by Murray Rothbard. Rather, it was due to the national governments sabotaging the clearing system of the international gold standard, namely, the bill market… (Continue to full article)

U.S. Taxpayers Have Spent More Than $80 Billion on ‘Dreamers’
But how much have U.S. taxpayers spent on the DACA beneficiaries so far? How many benefits have DACA people collected while in the U.S. illegally? But your child has to pay for their education… (Continue to full article)

The Awful Future that Looms…
Let us eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow does not matter.” Recently, federal debt surpassed the $20 Trillion mark (additional state and local debt amount to another $2.9 Trillion). That milestone was greeted by the Ruling Class and a vast preponderance of the citizenry with a yawn and a shrug of the shoulder. As the ongoing determination to promote new entitlement spending and the refusal to rein in, but instead to expand, existing programs continues unabated… (Continue to full article)

US Consumer Comfort Plunges Most In 13 Months As ‘Personal Finance’ Fears Mount
Americans’ confidence suffered its biggest weekly setback in more than a year as optimism about personal finances slumped according to Bloomberg’s Consumer Comfort Index figures… Continue to full article

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Prepare now…. or be prepared to panic later!

Millions of American’s lost their retirements and savings in the devastating crashes of the 1930’s and again in 2008. What do you think will happen when the economy collapses again?

Unlike the 1930’s, there will be no point standing in long lines with hat in hand to ask for your money. By the time you hear the news, your money in the bank will already be gone. All to ensure your bank is allowed to remain open and fully operational. Such a measure is in line with international efforts to address the potential risks to the financial system and broader economy of institutions perceived as “too-big-to-fail” – or maybe next time it will be “too-big-to-bail.”

How can you avoid this criminal theft and keep your money safe? You have options. Continue reading

Let’s Get Physical: October 5, 2017


These 3 Charts Say TREND IN GOLD Has Turned UPwards
What’s happening in these 3 gold price charts makes me very bullish on the yellow precious metal. Take a look…. (Continue to full article)

Gold Going Beyond $3,000/oz; Gold Miners/Gold Ratio To Double!
Gold is going to be moving sharply higher – and Gold Miners are going to be going through the ROOF. If you’re not taking steps to actively profit from this, it’s time to get a move on… (Continue to full article)

5 Charts Suggest Much Higher Gold Prices – Take A Look!
The best way to maximize market profits is to identify the direction of the primary trend and position yourself with it. This post looks at five charts which analyze the long term trend and prospects for gold and they all support the long term trend in the gold price… (Continue to full article)

How High Will Silver Prices Go? $100, $300, $500?
Silver prices have risen exponentially for the past 90 years as the dollar has been consistently devalued. Expect continued silver price rises… (Continue to full article)

Moolman: “Silver Is the Bargain of the Century!
When you look at the silver price, relative to US currency (the amount of actual US dollars) in existence, then it is at its all-time 100-year low making it the bargain of the century. Let me explain… (Continue to full article)

$100 Silver – Or Higher – Seems Likely Within A Few Years – Here’s Why
The next rally in silver should be huge based on the prospects for expanded war, financial chaos, and central bank “printing” that will devalue all currencies. Silver will sell for $100 per ounce!… Continue to full article

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The State of State Teachers’ Pension Plans

… and when the state falls short – they’ll be coming after YOU for the shortfall. ~ JB

Teachers across the country retire, their pensions are being subsidized by newly hired teachers to a surprising degree. Teachers’ pension plans have always rewarded long-serving veterans at the expense of short-termers. But now, as more and more plans develop shortfalls, states have been imposing cost-cutting measures, and recent research shows that the newest hires are bearing the brunt of the changes, raising questions of fairness.

The Plans Received Low Marks
The Urban Institute has graded America’s state-run pension systems on their performance in a few areas: their financial strength; how well they provide retirement security to short-term or long-term workers; the workplace incentives they offer various age groups; and whether participating branches of government are funding them properly. Grades for all types of public pensions are available on the Urban Institute’s website, where they can be filtered for individual strengths and weaknesses. (Read complete report and 3 related commentaries)

Teachers Demand $3,200 From Each Kentucky Household To Fund Pension Ponzi For 2 Years

We have written frequently… about the disastrous public pension funds in Kentucky that are anywhere from $42 – $84 billion underfunded, depending on which discount rate you feel inclined to use. As we’ve argued before, these pensions, like the ones in Illinois and other states, are so hopelessly underfunded that they haven’t a prayer of ever again being made whole. Continue reading

Government Spending Is Hurting Your IRA/401k

In 2008, hundreds of thousands of IRA/401(k)s lost up to 60% of their value. Regular Americans just like you and me, saw our IRAs and 401(k)s go from $100,000 (or more) to as low as $40,000 (or less) in shorter than 6 months.

Take a minute to think about that. How would losing $60,000 (or more) of your retirement savings affect you? Well, for many people that meant they had to come out of retirement and join the workforce once again; in many instances working for jobs with hourly pay at a fraction of what they were paid at the time they retired.

Are you prepared to lose 60% or more of your IRA/401(k)? Are you prepared to come out of retirement and work a minimum wage job just so you don’t lose your home? Are you ready to give up all of that quality time with your grandsons and granddaughters? Continue reading

The ONLY Variable That Matters To The Price Of Gold

There are all sorts of positive fundamentals when it comes to the price of gold. There are the positive supply/demand fundamentals. The gold market is in a supply deficit. Mine reserves are at a 30-year low. The price of gold is below what is necessary to sustain the gold mining industry.

There are the positive geopolitical fundamentals. The world’s two most-unstable leaders – Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump – have been constantly trading threats and insults. And both of these people have nuclear weapons at their disposal. There is the endless “War on Terror”.

There are the positive economic fundamentals. Western real estate bubbles in major urban centers are at never-before-seen levels of insanity. Western markets are generally also at bubble levels, with U.S. markets representing bubbles on steroids. Western governments are bankrupt.

In relative terms, none of these fundamentals count. Continue reading

The Economic Recovery Still Isn’t Reaching Everyone

© Carlos Barria / Reuters

More than 50 million Americans live in “economically distressed” communities, according to a new report by the Economic Innovation Group, a bipartisan research group backed by technology entrepreneurs.

Many of those communities, which are located primarily in the rural South and in old industrial centers in the North, saw no employment gains between 2011 and 2015. At the same time, about 85 million people live in “prosperous” communities which have claimed the lion’s share of job growth and income.

The worry among some policy experts is that large sections of the country are being left behind economically. Continue reading

Man caught smuggling 1 kilogram of gold in his rectum

Earlier today in Sri Lanka’s Colombo International Airport, a passenger was arrested by local authorities and found to have stuffed nearly $30,000 worth of gold into his rectum.

That’s nearly 1 kilogram of gold. In his ass.

The gold had been carefully wrapped in plastic and included four small bars and multiple chains of jewelry.

Airport police were tipped off when they noticed the 45-year old man “walking suspiciously.” No sh*t, Sherlock!
Continue reading

You’ve been Equi-Fuxed!

In the words of Bob Dylan – “the times are a-changing…” – and NOT for the better. My apologies (not really) for the tile of this entry – but understand – due to this breach – YOU are going to need to spend the rest of your life watching on a monthly basis for any security breach in your economic world. From your bank accounts and trading accounts, as well as your Social Security and Medicare accounts and to all of your retirements accounts, including Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) 401K/501C3, et al. No one else can do it. You will need to freeze all credit information (which is restricted to a 90 day period – which will unfrozen the minute that you apply for a new loan, for a car, mortgage or anew credit card, after-which you will need to freeze access to it all over again – for another 90 day period. Welcome to the New World. ~ Jeffrey Bennett, Publisher and President, Kettle Moraine, Ltd.


The Equifax Hack Is The Most Disastrous Data Breach In History Because Now Hackers Have The Credit Information Of 143 Million Americans
Talk about a nightmare. It is being reported that criminals were able to hack into Equifax and make off with the credit information of 143 million Americans. We are talking about names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, home addresses and even driver’s license numbers. If this data breach was an earthquake, we would be talking about a magnitude-10.0 on the identity theft scale. We have never seen anything like this before, and to say that this will be “disastrous” for the credit industry would be a massive understatement…. (Continue to full article)

Thinking Through the Equifax Security Breach
If you’re one of the 143 million Americans who just got screwed by the massive security breach at Equifax, you may be wondering what you can do to protect yourself going forward. For those who’ve been living under a rock, the personal data that was stolen included names, addresses, social security numbers, and birth-dates. In addition, 209,000 had their credit card numbers stolen, 182,000 had dispute documents with personal data stolen, and an undetermined number of people had their driver’s license numbers stolen… (Continue to full article)

Equifax sent customers to a fake phishing site for weeks to check if their data was compromised in historic breach
And is anyone investigating the underlining crimes of ‘Insider Trading’? On August 21, roughly 2,500 put contracts betting on Equifax shares dipping below $135 by September 15 and traded for a total price of about $181,000.

By end of trading on September 8, these puts were worth about $2.6million, according to options analytics firm Trade Alert data… (Continue to full article)

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