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October 29, 2014: Early Edition


How High Will Your Health Insurance Premiums Go In 2015?
To the moon Alice, to the moon! ~ Ralph Kramden (Read Full Story)

Deutsche Bank Announces Management Shakeup on Eve of Earnings Report
Every time I hear the phrase ‘Deutsche Bank’ I keep hearing Bogie in Casablanca say: “You’re lucky your cash is still good at the bar.” ~ Gray Rider (Read Full Story)

Gold, Old Chinese Bonds & the Coming New World Monetary System: Part I
On August 5, 2013, the Peoples Bank of China called for a “New Bretton Woods” system where the U.S. dollar would be removed as the world’s primary reserve currency. It also called for an expanded usage of the SDR and for the new system to be supported by gold. (Read Full Story)

Gold, Old Chinese Bonds & the Coming New World Monetary System: Part II
when we are attempting to understand the economic system that is being built up underneath the structure of the old one, we only need but look at what exists today to discern what is coming our way shortly. (Read Full Story)

Gold, Old Chinese Bonds & the Coming New World Monetary System: Part III
Have no doubt about it, the so called Global Currency Reset is already happening, and it’s happening by the International Monetary Fund restructuring the world’s wealth through the emerging markets. Sovereign debt is at a 200 year high. Fiat currencies are on the verge of collapse. Stock markets are hovering over nothing but the illusionary ether from which they climbed. And if you listen carefully you’ll notice that all countries are speaking from the same script. (Read Full Story)

Gold, Old Chinese Bonds & the Coming New World Monetary System: Part IV
Though the world’s countries will maintain their individual autonomy, their economic sovereignty will be passed to the Executive Board of the I.M.F. under the 2010 Code of Reforms. (Read Full Story)

Gold, Old Chinese Bonds & the Coming New World Monetary System: Part V
In the other parts to this series, we have discussed the 2010 Code of Reforms as agreed upon by the members of the International Monetary Fund. Though the agreements were made, the United States Congress has yet to pass the supporting legislation required to restructure the Executive Board of the I.M.F. The obvious reason for this is that once the reforms are passed and the board restructured the quotas for each country will change and the dollar will be stripped of its reserve currency status. (Read Full Story)

Greenspan on Gold: It Will Rise in Price
Greenspan participated on a panel at the New Orleans Investment Conference last Saturday. Below I provide a couple of his quotes and expand on what are the potential implications for investors. Greenspan: “The Gold standard is not possible in a welfare state” The U.S. provides more welfare benefits nowadays than a decade… (Read Full Story)

Where is Uncle Ben? Oh, nevermind!

Where is Uncle Ben? Oh, never mind!

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October 29, 2014 – Late Edition


Russia Buys Most Gold for Reserves Since Financial Crisis of ’98
And so why haven’t you been buying? Phone Kettle Moraine Precious Metals to discuss your options – and be ready to make your purchase TODAY! Call TOLL FREE at 1-855-BUY-SILVER. That’s 1 – 855 – 289 – 7587. (Read Full Story)

Hookers and Blow: Wild Times On Wall St
And you want to trust your nest egg to these coke snorting, greedy fools??? (Read Full Story)

Why the Financial and Political System Failed and Stability Matters
Without excessive artificial stimulation or the promise of it – more hell breaks loose – is one that government heads neither admit, nor appear to discuss. But the truth is that the global financial system has already failed. Big banks have been propped up, and their capital bases rejuvenated, by various means of external intervention, not their own business models. (Read Full Story)

Wall Street Journal: Wealth Inequality Is Your Own Dumb Fault
The same Wall Street banks that are enabled by Congress to asset strip 401(k)s are the very same banks that asset-stripped the equity in the little guys’ homes through illegal foreclosures and mortgage fraud and then were allowed to decide on their own how much to pay their victims. (Read Full Story)

Homeownership drops to two-decade low
Showing that the housing market is still far from normal, U.S. homeownership dropped to the lowest rate in two decades, with declines across the country and income spectrum, according to government data released Tuesday. (Read Full Story)

Falling gas prices are like a $720 stimulus check
What a total crock of SHIT! (Read Full Story)

From This Day Forward, We Will Watch How The Stock Market Performs Without The Fed’s Monetary Heroin
Alan Greenspan says that quantitative easing was “a terrific success” as far as boosting stock prices. But he also says that QE has not been very helpful to the real economy at all. In essence, the entire quantitative easing program was a massive 3.5 trillion dollar gift to Wall Street. If that sounds unfair to you, that is because it is unfair. (Read Full Story)

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October 28, 2014

DEheadlines_origGovernment Programs Lure Poor Into Poverty
Government programs, well-meaning or not, serve to trap the already downtrodden. By contrast, the market creates freedom and options and promotes upward mobility. (Read Full Story)

Obamacare Is Not a Revolution, It Is Mere Evolution
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act focused the attention of Americans on government regulation as few issues have. However, they should have paid attention decades earlier because states have been eating away like termites at freedom in the healthcare insurance market for decades. (Read Full Story)

CDC Rejects Mandatory Ebola Quarantines
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended Monday that people deemed to be at high risk of developing Ebola voluntarily isolate themselves from others for 21 days, but stopped short of recommending the mandatory quarantines that at least two states have ordered. (Read Full Story)

IRS Finally Promises to Stop Stealing Innocent People’s Money
The New York Times finally got around to contacting the IRS about the IRS’s long-time practice of stealing money out of people’s bank accounts — people who have committed no crime. This is part of the civil asset forfeiture program. The government agency — federal, state, or local — seizes your money. (Read Full Story)

How 1936 Consolidated the Progressives’ Triumph in 1913
Politically conservative Americans and libertarians generally agree on the worst year of the 20th century: 1913. In 1913, three major events took place. First, Americans were informed that a constitutional amendment establishing an income tax passed. That was a lie. It did not pass. But the Attorney General of the United States announced that it … (Read Full Story)

A Copper-Bottomed Strategy?
Talk about a strong market position: a single buyer has bought up over half of the copper held in London Metal Exchange warehouses. (Read Full Story)

Meat, fruit, milk and butter prices skyrocket
Milking us for everything we’ve got! US Labor Department data show the bill for butter surged 23.7 percent over the last 12 months. Meat rose 13 percent in the last year, with beef jumping 17.8 percent — the biggest boost since January 2004. (Read Full Story)

Three reasons to expect a 30% market meltdown
Stock prices have always succumbed to the divergence. The greatest divergences registered prior to now were 1987, 2000 and 2007. And this current market has surpassed all of them in bearish readings. (Read Full Story)

Guess How Much Americans Plan To Spend On Christmas This Year…
Put Jesus on dat Massah Cahd! De reason for de season… And as da Moichents sing, “Vhat a friend we have in Jesus…. (Read Full Story)

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October 27, 2014


The bottom 90 percent are poorer today than they were in 1987
Once upon a time, the American economy worked for everybody, and even the middle class got richer. But this story has only been a fairy tale for almost 30 years now. (Read Full Story)

Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required
The money was seized solely because Carole Hinders had deposited less than $10,000 at a time, which they viewed as an attempt to avoid triggering a required government report. (Read Full Story)

The Fed’s Perverse Idea of a Recovery
Must have been calculated by one of Obola’s Czars.  (Read Full Story)

Jamie Dimon: U.S. Must Create a “Safe Harbor” Where JPM’s Corruption Is Not “Punished”
In other words – this lying dickweed wants a “Get Out of Jail FREE” card. (Read Full Story)

Mystery Bidder Wants 6,000 Worst Detroit Homes
Bet they’ll be playing Chinese Checkers before the decade is out…. (Read Full Story)

Golden Gate Bridges Considers Sidewalk Tolls
So, now you have to pay a toll before you jump to your death off the bridge. (Read Full Story)

How Will The Stock Market React To The End Of Quantitative Easing?
It is widely expected that the Federal Reserve is going to announce the end of quantitative easing this week. Will this represent a major turning point for the stock market? (Read Full Story)

50 Percent Of American Workers Make Less Than 28,031 Dollars A Year
The Social Security Administration has just released wage statistics for 2013, and the numbers are startling. Last year, 50 percent of all American workers made less than $28,031, and 39 percent of all American workers made less than $20,000. (Read Full Story)

British Gold Sovereigns – The Preserve of Collectors, Savers and Smart Investors
2014_sov_webThe British Sovereign (originally the one pound coin) is the most widely traded semi-numismatic gold coin in the world. There is constant and excellent liquidity in most countries in the world. For the investor looking for slight leverage to the gold price with the potential for the premium (numismatic value) to rise, British Sovereigns are a good way to invest in gold. (Read Full Story)

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October 24, 2014


FINANCIAL REPRESSION: Jobless Claims Rise to 283K as Fed Creates Financial Repression and Wages Stagnate
I can’t bring myself to turn on CNBC or Fox Business and listen to apologists try to sugar coat the dismal jobs recovery in the USA. Hop Sing to the rescue. (Read Full Story)

Sears to close stores, lay off about 5,500
Goin’ the way of Monkey Wards… (Read Full Story)

Housing is waking up to a new hangover
Home prices soared from 2003 to 2007 due to cheap and easy credit. When that went away, prices plummeted nationally for the first time in history. In the words of Carly Simon, “It’s comin’ around again…” (Read Full Story)

15% of homes still seriously underwater
According to a report released Thursday by RealtyTrac, 15% of U.S. properties (representing 8.1 million properties) with a mortgage are seriously underwater — meaning the homeowner owes at least 25% more than the estimated market value of the property. (Read Full Story)

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October 23, 2014

DEheadlines_origStates Ease Interest Rate Laws That Protected Poor Borrowers
Over the last two years, lawmakers in at least eight states have voted to increase the fees or the interest rates that lenders can charge on certain personal loans used by millions of borrowers with subpar credit. (Read Full Story)

Will the big banks ever clean up their act?
Federal Reserve Bank of New York President William Dudley delivered a stern warning to the largest banks in a speech earlier this week. Either clean up your illegal and unethical behavior through “cultural change” from within, he said, or be broken into smaller, more manageable pieces. (Read Full Story)

Subprime Auto-Loan Delinquencies Rise in August
Late payments on auto loans to borrowers with spotty credit have increased at a “disproportionate” pace, rising to higher levels than before the financial crisis. (Read Full Story)

Goodman: Gold Is Undervalued
“In the mid-1970’s, the U.S. had negative real interest rates for 13 consecutive quarters and it set the stage for an inflation crisis, soaring by 13% per year by 1980. Today, the U.S. has had negative real interest rates for 19 consecutive quarters – trust me, inflation is coming,” (Read Full Story)

Ioannou: Copper, Nickel, And Zinc Won’t Be Cheap For Long
By 2017–2018 we will face the consequence of a lack of new copper supply, which is demand outweighing supply. (Read Full Story)

The US Economy Needs Some Improvement Soon To Avoid Rolling Over
A hell of a lot of charts and graphs for those who get off on that stuff…. (Read Full Story)

A Wave Of Foreclosures In Detroit Could Leave 150,000 People Homeless
Detroit is 83 percent African-American, and 38 percent of its population lives below the poverty line. But the older, blacker Detroit starkly contrasts with a whiter, wealthier new Detroit that’s been wooed in by tax breaks and living incentives—which gives these evictions a heavily racial subtext. (Read Full Story)

FORGET GOLD: Here Are 11 Odd Items People Use To Store Their Wealth
Honus-ly (Read Full Story)

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October 21, 2014


Mortgage Rates and Financial Repression
If you have faithfully followed the strategy of every sane financial adviser, rich person and grandmother; if you saved money to invest and protect yourself in case of a financial emergency, you are losing buying power and “buying power” is the real definition of wealth. In this example, if you save $100,000 you earn $980 per year but your buying power falls by $1,700. You’re losing $720 in buying power, you have less wealth. (Read Full Story)

How The Federal Reserve Is Purposely Attacking Savers
following the collapse of the housing bubble, many people struggled with mortgages they could no longer afford to pay, fearing the shame of default. Many believed defaulting was wrong somehow; that it was their moral obligation to pay their mortgages, no matter how dire their personal situation. And of course, the mortgages lenders did their utmost to reinforce this perception. (Read Full Story)

Yellen: Average Net Worth of 62 Million U.S. Households is $11,000
“The past several decades have seen the most sustained rise in inequality since the 19th century after more than 40 years of narrowing inequality following the Great Depression.” (Read Full Story)

Them That’s Got Shall Get
Staggering Loss of Black Wealth Due to Subprime Scandal Continues Unabated Two years after we last investigated the the foreclosure crisis in the most affluent black county in America, things aren’t exactly looking up—except, maybe, for the banks. (Read Full Story)

Rebirth Of The Toxic Twins
Subprime Redux: Mel Watt’s easy credit crusade is now off and running. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s chief regulator has officially lowered lending standards for the entire mortgage industry. Here we go again. (Read Full Story)

The Gold Market Is Going Insane
With the strength of the dollar, and the correction we are seeing in the equity markets throughout the world, the hot topic is now how the Fed “must” do QE4. Now, I am not even going to discuss how this is akin to a cocaine addict needing its next fix. My issue is that there are many that are suggesting that such further stimulus is what will cause gold to skyrocket. (Read Full Story)

The Dollar Will Be Sacrificed and Gold Will Soar
This isn’t 2008. Those that are expecting fireworks for the U.S. dollar if this bear market continues are in for a rude awakening. The setup for the dollar is completely opposite to what happened leading into it’s mega run in 2008. (Read Full Story)

Obama’s Latest Speech About The Economic “Recovery” Results In Mass Audience Exodus
They should have stuck around and sang the ol’ Ray Charles tune, “Hit the road Jack…” (Read Full Story)

Leading Contrarian Economist: “We Are Coming In On The End Game Here”
In the words of Roy Orbison, “It’s Over…..” (Read Full Story)

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October 20, 2014


The World Has Less Than 5 Days Worth Of Copper Inventories
According to the financial media, the global economy is supposedly rolling over causing a glut of inventories producing a deflation in the prices of many commodities. If this is the case… someone should tell that to King of base metals… Copper. Something doesn’t seem to be making sense in the copper market as the price continues to decline, so are the level of global copper inventories. (Read Full Story)

Why The Argentinean Situation Should Make You Buy Gold
A prelude for the monetary madness… (Read Full Story)

The Safe Haven Bid is Bogus
It’s not about the current Dollar & Treasury market safe haven bid, it’s about tomorrow’s confidence in our monetary system. (Read Full Story)

‘Confidence’ Is a Corollary of a Fiat Culture
“When the political process becomes controlled by multi-national corporate interests, the US government becomes a tool of those interests. When multi-national corporations own the mass media as they presently do, honest democratic debate becomes unlikely. As we witness corporate power becoming a dominate force in international relationships, it will surely continue to diminish independent national sovereignty under the banner of ‘free trade.’” ~
Joseph A.
(Read Full Story)

Unable to Meet the Deductible or the Doctor
Patricia Wanderlich got insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) this year, and with good reason: She suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2011, spending weeks in a hospital intensive care unit, and has a second, smaller aneurysm that needs monitoring, but her new plan has a $6,000 annual deductible… (Read Full Story)

New Fed rule could affect housing market
As the Federal Reserve plans to announce rules Wednesday on securitization and mortgage exemptions, there are conflicting views on how this will affect the housing market. (Read Full Story)

Ebola Travel Ban Now!
Is Barack Obama completely insane? By not instituting an immediate ban on all non-essential travel between the United States and West Africa, he is putting the lives of more than 300 million Americans at risk. (Read Full Story)

Obamacare Deductibles Forcing Patients to Forgo Preventive Care
One notable problem with Obamacare insurance policies that has been commented on extensively is the higher-than-average deductibles that make seeking routine health care an expensive proposition. (Read Full Story)

Curious Calls for Help from Federal Reserve
As the stock market whips around and trims the yearly gains to zero, the talking heads are calling for the Federal Reserve to “do something.” (Read Full Story)

Over 48 million Americans live in poverty
Government programs such as food stamps do help some people, especially children, but even so 16% of American children are living in poverty, according to the supplemental report. Dems be po’ folk! (Read Full Story)

“The Risk That Will Bite You Next Is NOT The One That Bit You Last”
Traumatic and painful events burnish their effect upon our brains. This happens profoundly in childhood, as well as in relationships, and most definitely as readers will know, in the financial markets. As a result, we alter behavior, and do things differently in the future – or do we! (Read Full Story)

What Game Is Being Played With the US Dollar?
The US greenback. I see it moving a lot lately, and I see a lot of opinions being expressed on those moves. But for most of those opinions, I got to say: I’m sorry, but I don’t think so. There’s such a huge amount of entrenched and ingrained ideas in the financial world about the dollar and inflation and gold, and an awful lot of it is in desperate need of, for lack of a better term, mental flexibility. You can claim that the dollar will perish, and that’s true enough, but it will be – near – the last of all fiat currencies to do so. You can claim inflation is on the way, but that can’t happen without increased spending. And consumers who get poorer all the time cannot increase their spending. (Read Full Story)

9 reasons why saving $1 a day builds fortunes
Being called an idiot isn’t new to me. About 14 years ago I was regarded as equally “idiotic” when I suggested that a long-term return of 12% was a worthwhile goal. The buzz at that time was that anybody who couldn’t get 15% to 18% a year was stupid. (Read Full Story)

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October 17, 2014


Reality of No Economic Recovery Means Collapse
Economist John Williams is sticking by his assessment that the economy is in deep trouble. Williams says, “What we are seeing is a very big fiction by the financial media and the political media that the economy has recovered. The economy has not recovered. . . . We are seeing all sorts of things that indicate the economy is not recovering and never has recovered, and it is turning down again.” (Read Full Story)

10 states where foreclosures are soaring
The property market is improving and foreclosures are falling — except in these 10 markets. (Read Full Story)

Deficit Report Nothing To Cheer About
Red Ink: The White House is crowing that the deficit fell sharply this year. But in fact, there’s little to celebrate. The decline wasn’t a result of sound fiscal policy, and it … (Read Full Story)

Why Rising Interest Rates Will Cripple the Economy
How could prices be ‘too high’? It is logically impossible, if markets are ‘efficient’ at setting prices. Likewise, how could interest rates be ‘too low’? (Read Full Story)

9 Ominous Signals Coming From The Financial Markets That We Have Not Seen In Years
Is the stock market about to crash? Hopefully not, and there definitely have been quite a few “false alarms” over the past few years. But without a doubt we have been living through one of the greatest financial bubbles in U.S. history, and the markets are absolutely primed for a full-blown crash. (Read Full Story)

Pessimism Regarding Silver Has Gone Too Far
Has anything changed for silver? [Not really.] The only change is that the media is telling us the economy is doing better; hence, investors are not buying into the precious metal sector. The reality of the situation is that the supply of silver in the market is declining, while demand is rising by the double-digits. (Read Full Story)

Finally, the WSJ Gets It Right in a Scary Story about Deflation
It’s not every day that the Wall Street Journal comes out with an informative article about deflation and the grave threat it poses to the global economy. The story in today’s edition, by Jon Hilsenrath and Brian Blackburn, is the best I’ve seen in the newspaper, and if you read between the lines, it has even gotten it right about how the Fed is powerless to arrest the trend. That point of view has been verboten in the mainstream media, but the Journal’s forthright observation that the emperor is wearing no clothes is going to give the idea a big boost in credibility. The most significant fact missing from the article is the connection between the deflationary implosion that may already have begun and its main source of power: a quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble that has been pumped to the bursting point with hot air. (Read Full Story)

“If The Dow Drops Below 15,000… I Would Suggest People Start Buying Food & Ammo”
This depression is about to turn nasty… The meltdown will be shocking… (Read Full Story)

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News and Editorials: October 16, 2014

Why is the Gold Standard Urgent?
The crisis of 2008 was different. No matter what the Fed has attempted, they have not been able to create even the temporary appearance of recovery (other than in asset prices). It’s not merely that growth will be slow, or slower than it should be in some theoretical ideal economic world. (Read Full Story)

Why The State Has Failed To Reform Our Broken Financial System
Most observers think they know why the government (i.e. the state) has failed to truly reform the financial system: corrupt politicos on the receiving end of the Too Big to Fail (TBTF) banks and financiers’ millions of dollars in lobbying and campaign contributions do the banks’ bidding.

While the reduction of democracy to an auction in which the highest bidder controls the state is certainly one systemic reason for this abject failure,there is an even greater, more deeply systemic reason why the state cannot reform the rotten core of financialization.

The state has become dependent on the wages and profits of finance for its own revenues. (Read Full Story)

5 biggest risks that can derail the US economy
There are issues economists are worried about: the global slowdown, rising rates, oil prices, inflation and a jittery stock market. (Read Full Story)

The Coin Analyst: Gold and Silver Prices Could Reverse Soon
I feel now is an appropriate time to do so because recent developments in gold and silver prices seem to be significant enough that they may have longer-term implications for bullion investors. Silver is at a four-year low, and gold is at its lowest point of the year and just above its low for the last several years of $1188. Plus changes are coming to the way the metal exchanges function. (Read Full Story)

Gold & Silver: The Case For Separation Of Government And Money!
If you asked the average person on the street if government should be responsible for establishing monetary standards and the issuance of circulating money, I suspect that a very high percentage would agree. In my judgment, those who think that way would be wrong. (Read Full Story)

In the Welfare State, Beggars Learn to Be Choosers — Very Picky Choosers
The welfare state mentality is close to universal today. Half of Americans are on the dole to one degree or another. The outlook of this society is one of entitlements. They are deliberately called entitlements by their defenders because “charity” sounds voluntaristic. These handouts are not voluntary, as both the legislators and the recipients know. (Read Full Story)

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Don’t Fall Prey to Insecure Gold Marketing Systems

BEWARE of the Karatbar Scam!

goldkarte_headerMany people have requested that I do an insight in to the world of KBI 9999. First of all, I would like to say that a woman who requested me to do an examination of Karat Bars International lost approximately 17, 000 US dollars. From this tidbit of information, I began to do a little more snooping around and have found some interesting information.

Karatbars International is rated by the Better Business Bureau as C MINUS according to the US government. This means that multiple customer have filed complaints and shows that Karatbars International is not an organization to be trusted or an organization that needs any investment of time or money. The origins of KBI lie in Germany which can make it difficult for any American in the US to interpret government records from Germany through legit business practices. If there is any issue in America, then there will be no way to recover funds because it is a German company. Continue reading

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October 15, 2014: News and Editorials

Dow Industrials Fall in Volatile Day of Trade
The Dow industrials ended lower Wednesday after briefly falling more than 400 points as investors scrambled to buy safe-haven government bonds.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 173.45 points, or 1.06%, to 16141.74. Earlier, the Dow had shed as many as 460 points. The blue-chip benchmark logged a loss for the fifth day in a row. The S&P 500 fell 15.21, or 0.81%, to 1862.49. The Nasdaq Composite lost 11.85 points, or 0.28%, to 4215.32.

The heavy waves of selling in the stock market Wednesday marked an acceleration of the recent selloff sparked by fears of a global economic slowdown, dangerously low inflation in Europe and ripples from a steep drop in oil prices. Feeding the gloom Wednesday morning was a weaker-than-expected report on U.S. consumer spending. (Read Full Story)

9 Ominous Signals Coming From The Financial Markets That We Have Not Seen In Years
Is the stock market about to crash? Hopefully not, and there definitely have been quite a few “false alarms” over the past few years. But without a doubt we have been living through one of the greatest financial bubbles in U.S. history, and the markets are absolutely primed for a full-blown crash. That doesn’t mean that one will happen now, but we are starting to see some ominous things happen in the financial world that we have not seen happen in a very long time. (Read Full Story)

The Stock Market Has Lost Confidence in Central Banks as Gods
Yes, there is a wall of worry that the stock market is no longer climbing but is now descending. The greatest worry, that makes all others pale in comparison, is that the U.S. central bank, the Federal Reserve, has nothing left in its monetary arsenal but one bullet – Fed-Speak, otherwise known as spin.After three bond buying programs known as Quantitative Easing (QE) flooded Wall Street with bountiful amounts of play money while failing to significantly lift wages or economic growth, the U.S. central bank now has a balance sheet that has quadrupled since the 2008 crisis to $4.4 trillion. That it would be allowed to engage in QE4 in the next crisis is highly doubtful since QEs have proven to be financial bubble makers, income inequality makers and of little help to the average citizen. (Read Full Story)

First 15 Minutes of Trade Saw 179 ‘Flash Crashes’
Number of mini flash crashes during 1st 15 minutes today (179) was highest since Knightmare. (Read Full Story)

Silver price-fixing lawsuits consolidated in Manhattan federal court
Lawsuits filed by investors since July over the alleged price-fixing were consolidated on Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, following an order issued last Thursday by the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, a special body of federal judges that decides when and where to consolidate related lawsuits. (Read Full Story)

The Wells Fargo (mortgage) wagon is a-comin’ down the street, but “no mortgage for you!
Of course, the reason for the decline in Wells Fargo’s mortgage banking revenues and applications is a combination of decreased demand for housing and failure of the labor market to recover. (Read Full Story)

How Much Gold is on Loan Worldwide?
We can’t speak about the manipulation of the gold price today without understanding the derivatives market. Right after the crash of 2000 in the stock market I became alarmed by the exponential increase of derivative products but especially by the complexity of those products. I am sure that if I asked one of those financial engineers who has designed those products to explain their functioning and consequences in a bear market or, better yet, in a crash, he would be incapable. We are familiar with derivatives in real life through cars. When we speak of the speed of a car we talk of a first derivative, while acceleration, an increase of the speed, is a second derivative. But in finance we have gone well belong that to third, fourth and even higher derivatives. Those products have never been tested in the real world and especially in adverse conditions as a major crash. I concluded then that the next financial crisis will have derivatives at its core. (Read Full Story)

Americans poorer now than in 1989 (wonder why the housing market isn’t recovering?)
According to The Federal Reserve, real median net worth for the USA is now lower than in 1989. (Read Full Story)

Why to worry about economic data
Let’s put first things first: There wasn’t anything in the economic data released Wednesday to warrant an early 350-point slide in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.But that doesn’t mean there aren’t causes for concern in them, either. (Read Full Story)
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Robby Noel: End of an Era

noelBy now, most of you know that Robby Noel will be leaving this geographical region of the Earth within a matter of days from this post.

September 8, 2014 marked the final broadcast on the Micro Effect and September 9, 2014 for the Republic Broadcasting Network. Time marches on and Robby has made a decision to return home to his family rather than participate in the ongoing destruction of this once great republic. Continue reading

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The Corporate Media In America: Orwell Rolls Over In His Grave

“The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information. With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power.” ~ Henry A. Wallace

“Do remember that dishonesty and cowardice always have to be paid for. Don’t imagine that for years on end you can make yourself the boot-licking propagandist of the Soviet régime, or any other régime, and then suddenly return to mental decency. Once a whore, always a whore.” ~ George Orwell

Posted by Jesse for Rick’s Café Américain, September 8, 2014. Continue reading

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SARTRE: Forbidden History the Ultimate Taboo

Mayer_Amschel_Rothschild_NWOPeople are dumb because they do not know and refuse to learn the real history behind world events. Educational institutions do not function as seekers of truth, but as gatekeepers for narratives that defy common sense and defame historical facts. Society fosters the ultimate taboo against chronicles that differ with the established story of distortions and misdirection. Anyone who dares waver from accepted limits and suppositions immediately is a quack or an extremist. The dreaded label of being a conspiracy theorist, used to smear and marginalize researchers and pundits, is the height of anti-intellectualism and character assassination.

The dim-witted public, told to shun contradictory accounts, interpretations and disturbing explanations accepts sham history. The accurate course of events must remain hidden from the masses. The subject of a New World Order is not newfound. The process of world domination is as old as the formation of the first empire. Despite the annals of war and governments, the actual power that enslaves civilizations and humanity, is evil itself, in its purist form and manifestation. Continue reading

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