Dateline: 02.28.17


WTF Chart Of The Day: American Consumer Confidence Soars To 16 Year Highs As Real Wages Plunge
Continuing the trend of ‘soft’ survey data strong performance and expectation beats, The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence surged above the highest analyst’s expectation to 114.8. We have one question for these euphoric American consumers – do you not care about wages?… (Continue to full article)

Target Plunges 12% After Missing Lowest EPS Estimate, Slashing Outlook
Don’t worry. Don’t pay attention to the real results of real retailers. Ignore the 100 stores being closed by Macy’s. Ignore the 150 stores being closed by JC Penney. Ignore the 150 stores being closed by Sears and their imminent bankruptcy. The mainstream media says consumer confidence has never been higher. All is well in their propaganda fantasy world… PSSSSSSSSSSSS on ’em!!! Continue to full article)

Minimum Wage Massacre: Wendy’s Unleashes 1,000 Robots To Counter Higher Labor Costs
Taking a page straight from Wal-Mart’s playbook, Target on Tuesday said it will invest its own cash to ensure it is “clearly and competitively priced every day.” WHERE ARE THE BATHROOMS??? (Continue to full article)

Next Leg Up is Beginning (Precious Metals)
The next leg up in a new daily cycle for the precious metals has begun. Silver is breaking away above its 200 dma with little resistance now until it reaches $19. Gold is approaching its 200 dma and once it breaks through that resistance is expected to top somewhere above $1300+… (Continue to full article)

Some Crucial Benchmarks for Silver
The rally pattern shown, with a Hidden Pivot target at 18.260, was so clear and compelling that we should assume that because the futures exceeded it decisively, they have sufficient energy for another leg up once the current correction has run its course… (Continue to full article)

Trump wants to cut $54 billion in spending from domestic agencies — that’s enough to wipe several of them out

The Massive Tax Loophole Allowing Illegal Aliens to Defraud American Citizens
In 1996, the IRS began issuing a new type of tax identification number, the Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). ITINs are assigned to U.S. taxpayers, predominately illegal aliens and their dependents, who are not eligible to obtain a Social Security number. The primary purpose of ITIN’s was to capture the previously untapped source of new federal tax revenue from undocumented workers… But then there is far more to this story… Read the NEXT column! (Continue to full article)

Social Security paid a billion dollars to people with no SS numbers
The inspector general for the Social Security Administration discovered that a billion dollars in benefits was paid to people who had no Social Security numbers. The benefits were paid to “representative payees” – people who were accepting benefit checks on behalf of another because the beneficiary was unable to manage his Social Security payments by himself.

Seventeen percent of these representative payees were illegal aliens… (Continue to full article)

What JPMorgan and Citigroup Have in Common When It Comes to Crime
The crime spree at JPMorgan Chase became so surreal that two trial lawyers, Helen Davis Chaitman and Lance Gotthoffer, published a breathtaking book on the subject, comparing the bank to the Gambino crime family. In addition to the settlements noted above, the authors add more details as to what has occurred on Dimon’s watch, such as… (Continue to full article)

Why Gold?
The answer to the title question is simply: Why Not? A series of columns and commentary showing the history and importance of the ownership of ‘specie.’ History has proven that gold IS the answer. (Continue to full article)

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