Dateline: March 7, 2017

Say pardner – me an’ Curtin been out at the mines, diggin’ out a new load o’ goods. We figgered t’ be back sooner, with somethin’ good fer y’all. Well – we is here, but I sure ain’ta seein’ much but bad news all the way’ze ’round. ~ Howard



AT&T Agrees to “Re-source” Jobs Back to United States
The union representing AT&T workers in five southern states announced on Thursday that it had reached a tentative agreement with AT&T Southwest that includes a promise to hire 3,000 American workers to do jobs previously done overseas… But GM is laying off 1,000 workers for the summer. Car sales must be getting slow… (Continue to full article)

Another big company leaves California
The $26-billion-a-year food conglomerate is discreet, of course, about its reasons, citing a desire to be closer to its core customers and other bland corporate pabulum. But the fact is, Nestle and its corporate brethren in California that actually make things are overtaxed and overregulated, and elected officials treat them not as honored members of the community but as rapacious pirates… (Continue to full article)

Did the USA Declare Bankruptcy?
In 1913, Congress signed a surrender treaty to the international banking cartel. Congress ceded its sovereignty to the Federal Reserve by surrendering its money printing authority. The 16th amendment sold all US citizens into slavery via the income tax. After 1913, bankruptcy was inevitable, although it wasn’t formally declared until later… (Continue to full article)

Half Of Americans Can’t Afford To Write A $500 Check”
57% of Americans don’t have enough cash to cover a $500 unexpected expense, according to a survey from Bankrate…. (Continue to full article)

The Myth of Gold Confiscation
If we experience a debt crisis, as many economists believe is inevitable, many people believe that their holdings of gold and silver bullion will be confiscated, just as in 1933. This article reviews the probability of confiscation and compares it to other more likely measures to generate government solvency.An appropriate starting point when… (Continue to full article)

Central banks and gold
The very near future is likely to see a sea-change in central bankers’ attitude to the gold allocation in their reserves. The failure of G20 monetary policy since the financial crisis is causing a general rethink, which may eventually lead to a new policy direction.For now, that is undecided, beyond a growing acceptance that today’s monetary policy… (Continue to full article)

Inflation, the Dollar and Gold
In the last few days, Fed heads have made it very clear that they want to hike the Fed Funds Rate at the March FOMC meeting, which concludes on the 15th, despite recent… (Continue to full article)

Silver Once Again Gets Tossed in the Meat Grinder, Billions of Dollars Wiped Out
Just take a look at the above chart. I agree, it is a disgusting, nasty image and one that represents a wiping out of roughly $2 billion dollars of value in the silver markets. What caused it and why did it happen? Many are waking up today scratching their heads and asking themselves these very same questions, as they look at their portfolios and… (Continue to full article)

Chapter 3: Physical Silver – To Buy or Not?
Many believe gold is the only asset that isn’t someone else’s liability, but in our latest installation of the “Guide to Silver Investing,” David Morgan argues that not only does physical silver serve the same purpose, it is more liquid… (Continue to full article)

Why Gold?
The answer to the title question is simply: Why Not? A series of columns and commentary showing the history and importance of the ownership of ‘specie.’ History has proven that gold IS the answer. (Continue to full article)

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