Dateline: May 9, 2017 (the P.M. Edition)


We’re Back to Late 2007… or early 2000 (Remember How Those Ended?)
The market is being propped up by just a handful of companies… and their fundamentals are rolling over… It’s coming around again!!! (Continue to full article)

For The First Time, You Can Track Every Dollar The Government Spends
For the first time, the US Treasury has launched a website – – allowing US taxpayers to track where virtually every single dollar of their federal tax money is going… (Continue to full article)

Down de Shittah

The Economic Impact of Target’s Toilets
It is seldom that we see the bad guys get their comeuppance in this world. An exception is Target Stores and its CEO Brian Cornell. While researching the details of this event I came across a would-be self-appointed “fact checker” Snopes’ claim that the kind of report given here is false.  According to Snopes, in one of the lamest bits of obfuscation I have ever encountered, Target’s stock price did not fall because of its bathroom policy, it fell because its earnings per share declined!  Are they really this stupid?  (No, but they think their audience is.).. (Continue to full article)

Fed Reports Unexpected Collapse In Credit Card, Auto Loan Demand
With both C&I and auto loan demand slowing down again in the quarter, the biggest surprise in the Fed’s latest Senior Loan Officers’ Survey was that demand for credit cards is now running at the lowest level in the past 5 years… (Continue to full article)

Gold, Silver, and the US Dollar: 1792-1971
In today’s musing, I review the history of gold, silver, and fiat currency as money in the United States of America. I document how various wars, panics and depressions, Congressional acts, and executive orders have affected the US dollar prices of precious metals and resulting gold-silver ratios.This musing covers the period from 1792 when the United… (Continue to full article)

37 jobs that are quickly disappearing in the US
Thanks in part to advances like email, Facebook, and Twitter, mail carriers may be all but obsolete in the not-so-distant future… (Continue to full article)

Is Gold Signaling The Next Financial Crisis?
This is a cycle that has repeated numerous times per year since 2001. This time, however, more than any other time since 2001, the sell-off in the price of gold is counter-intuitive to the collapsing financial and economic condition of the United States, specifically, and… (Continue to full article)

5 Reasons Gold Should Be In Every Investor’s Portfolio Today
In a 1998 speech at Harvard, legendary investor Warren Buffett…[said,]gold2“Gold has no utility.” He’s correct in that gold doesn’t produce earnings, or pay dividends, BUT there are some very good reasons gold should be an essential part of every investor’s portfolio… (Continue to full article)

Is Now the Best Time To Buy Gold – and Silver?
If Not, Then When?… (Continue to full article)

Coming Financial Hurricane Will Be More Severe & Last Longer Than That Of 2008-9
Right now, we are exiting the eye of the giant financial hurricane that we entered in 2007, and going into its trailing edge. It’s going to be much more severe, different, and longer lasting than what we saw in 2008 and 2009… (Continue to full article)

Global Crisis Hits Fever Pitch: “We Are At The Point of Urgency For Getting Gold
Panic over nuclear North Korea, a sudden military about-face in Syria, soaring Asian demand and recession talk is positioning gold for a major bull run…… (Continue to full article)

Silver and Gold Guarantee Freedom
Silver and gold are not merely valuable commodities, investments, and media of exchange. More importantly, they are key “checks and balances” in America’s legal and political institutions.The fight against the use of silver and gold as money that has been waged by bankers and rogue politicians since the 1870s as to silver and the 1930s as to gold… (Continue to full article)

Why Gold?
The answer to the title question is simply: Why Not? A series of columns and commentary showing the history and importance of the ownership of ‘specie.’ History has proven that gold IS the answer. (Continue to a series of articles)

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