May 15, 2017: The Week Begins…


Shanghai Gold Trading Volume Surges 43% in 2016
But not so much in Americuh – we ain’t too smart. We have fallen for the ca-ca eminating out of DeeCee (Continue to full article)

GE’s Stock Slumps After Downgrade to ‘Sell’
It once brought good things to life. Now what??? … (Continue to full article)

Core CPI Falls Below Fed Target
Sounds as if anything with the term “Target” in it, is doomed to get flushed down the proverbial binary toy-let… (Continue to full article)

US Wages Peaked in Real Terms in 1942
In other words, “Your earnings won’t even buy what your grand-daddys’ income would”… (Continue to full article)

The Silver Bullet And The Silver Shield
It is both a Silver Bullet to rebel against the Elite’s corrupt system and a Silver Shield to protect your family and wealth in a post- dollar world. Buying physical silver is non-violent, non-compliant resistance. Most importantly it works outside of the system and it cannot be stopped… (Continue to full article)

State Dept. memo explains U.S. policy to drive gold out of financial system
A long memorandum written in March 1974 by a U.S. State Department official for Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and copied to future Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, then the Treasury Department’s undersecretary for monetary affairs, describes the desire of the United States and its options to prevent European countries from increasing the use of gold in the international financial system… (Continue to full article)

Silver Demand Shows A Consumer In Trouble
The demand categories primarily driven by the consumer, demand plummeted 125 million ozs, or 15.3%. Industrial demand for silver increased slightly but this was because of the global expansion in the solar panel industry, primarily in India and China… WHEN THE DEMAND IS DOWN – IT IS THE TIME TO PURCHASE!!! (Continue to full article)

Be Happy! Don’t Worry! No Need to Own Gold!
Central bankers are managing paper currencies for the benefit of the people, not the financial and political elite. Consequently consumer prices are stable and there is no reason to own gold as protection from currency devaluations… BULL-POOP! COW PIES!… (Continue to full article)

Waiter and Bartender jobs surge in the Land of the Free
The headline in the New York Times read “U.S. Job Growth Bounces Back; Unemployment at 10-Year Low”. That’s certainly one way of looking at it. Well, have someone pour you another one … (Continue to full article)

Many on Medicaid refuse to pay $1 for health care
More than half the low-income people who qualified for Indiana’s alternative Medicaid program failed to make a required monthly payment for the top tier of benefits – a key feature of the program Vice President Mike Pence insisted on as a condition to expanding the health care program when he was Indiana’s governor… But the entitled couldn’t even cough up a BUCK! (Continue to full article)

America & Money: Cool Facts About the History of Our Monetary System
Since 1776, many things have changed dramatically in America. One of the most drastic series of changes has been in the way we conduct transactions using money. Believe it or not, the monetary system that is in place today would be almost completely unrecognizable to the founding fathers. Here are some cool facts about the history of our monetary system… (Continue to full article)

Silver and Gold Guarantee Freedom
Silver and gold are not merely valuable commodities, investments, and media of exchange. More importantly, they are key “checks and balances” in America’s legal and political institutions.The fight against the use of silver and gold as money that has been waged by bankers and rogue politicians since the 1870s as to silver and the 1930s as to gold… (Continue to full article)

Why Gold?
The answer to the title question is simply: Why Not? A series of columns and commentary showing the history and importance of the ownership of ‘specie.’ History has proven that gold IS the answer. (Continue to full article)

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