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They’re Not Afraid Of Collapsing The Bubble On Trump’s Watch
Investors have been predicting the collapse of the American economy for a long time, and for good reason. If an economy is built on a foundation of borrowed money, then that economy is living on borrowed time. However, despite how fundamentally unsustainable our financial system is, it has somehow defied all expectations. It has gone… (Continue to full article)

The Real Bunker Hunt Silver Story
I’m doing the same thing you are, Bill, only buying more of it” – Bunker Hunt, Waldorf, 1981 There had been an FBI file on the Armand & Julius Hammers on theFBI FOIA site, but has since been removed. As many will recall it was Julius who financed (with gold)Lenin’s rise to power in Russia. Julius was a founder of the American communist Party … (Continue to full article)

Understanding money and prices
The subject of gold’s confiscation has come onto our screens again, but this time, being described as a “Myth” in the future. This thought comes from Canada, a favorite place for U.S. citizens to store their gold in the hopes that it will be outside the reach of the U.S. Federal Reserve… (Continue to full article)

Gold’s future confiscation is a growing reality
The Fed concludes its June meeting today. The Fed fund futures markets put the odds of the Fed hiking rates again at 99.6%.This would mark the third rate hike by the Fed during this cycle.Why would this matter?Because it indicates the Fed is embarked on a serious tightening cycle. One rate hike can be a fluke. Two rate hikes could even be just policy… (Continue to full article)

Stock Markets Hyper-Risky
The US stock markets have enjoyed an extraordinary surge this year, shattering all kinds of records. It’s been fueled by hopes for big tax cuts soon from Trump’s Republican government. But such relentless rallying has catapulted complacency, euphoria, and valuations to dangerous bull-slaying extremes. This has left today’s… (Continue to full article)

Another Major, Near-Term Reason To Own Precious…
When I discuss economic data, I leave no stone un-turned in my quest to not only state facts, but the proper context. And when it comes to today’s 1,000% rigged economic data, financial markets, and mainstream media, it is not only the truth that matters… (Continue to full article)

Healthcare Bill, IMF and Gold
This week, the U.S. Senate delayed the vote on the healthcare bill. What does it mean for the gold market?On Tuesday, Republicans were forced to delay the Senate’s vote on the replacement for Obamacare. The vote was postponed to after the Fourth of July recess, as it turned out that it lacked support. The Congressional Budget Office’s estimation that… (Continue to full article)

Pensions Timebomb In America – “National Crisis…
For many states and municipalities, exposure to unfunded pension liabilities is already at or near all-time highs. Since cost burdens are already expected to further increase, pension fund investment performance is critical for the credit quality of many governments… (Continue to full article)

How Much Gold Should Someone Own? Where and How…
Periodically I receive questions on gold ownership. How much should one own, and where?Let’s start with the first question:How Much Gold Should Someone Own?There is no fixed answer, but rather a general methodology that I like:Do not invest outside your comfort zone. Think in terms of percentages, not fixed amounts.For some, 10% is too much,… (Continue to full article)

Infographic – The Best Reasons To Own Gold
RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS: The most simple and compelling argument for owning gold for the average investor is to diversify a portfolio. So says this latest infographic in the Gold Series, which also highlights other classic reasons put forward for owning a little yellow metal… (Continue to full article)

Gold Or Bitcoin? Gold AND Bitcoin
“Gold or Bitcoin?” seems to be an idea, a meme, that is rising to the surface now. People sense that the world’s banking systems are at risk, and are thinking about alternatives. Some people think that the boom in unoccupied, foreign-owned apartments in major cities worldwide is driven by the same urge to own assets outside of banks’… (Continue to full article)

Gold, Banking Collapse, Cryptocurrencies
“We believe the effect of the troubles in the subprime sector on the broader housing market will be limited and we do not expect significant spillovers from the subprime market to the rest of the economy or to the financial system,” – Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke – May 17, 2007. “You know probably that would be going too far but I do think we’re… (Continue to full article)

Johnny Hartman, ‘Nobody’s Home

Singer Johnny Hartman was born on July 3, 1923 in Houma, Louisiana.

Hartman studied under the renowned Walter Dyett at Chicago’s DuSable High School.

He went solo in 1950 after brief stints with Earl Hines, Dizzy Gillespie, and Errol Garner. The balladeer achieved major success after collaborating with jazz titan John Coltrane on 1963’s John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman.

Hartman’s newfound success led to a series of 1960s LPs on the Impulse! label.

Here he is performing with the Loonis McGlohon Trio.

Life, Liberty & All That Jazz is now heard at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) for TWO-HOURS, each Monday through Friday on The Micro Effect.

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