Loose End Chronicles: July 15, 2017


The Gold Price is FAKE News
Lethargic summer markets tend to instill a sense of false security. Stocks and property are near all-time highs, interest rates are at 72 year lows and most investors feel richer than ever. Central banks signal strong economies with indications of higher interest rates and tapering of their balance sheets. As I discussed last… (Continue to full article)

National Debt Too High, Silver Price Too Low
Silver currently sells around $16, which would be sensible if the U.S. national debt was much less than its current $20 trillion. Given the massive national debt and 100 years of experience, silver prices could easily be double or triple their current prices, and far higher in a panic. WHY? Examine over a century of official national debt data… (Continue to full article)

Two Scenarios in Gold — One Very Bullish, the Other Moderately Bearish
We’ve been using an 1194.40 correction target for a while, but today’s chart, a continuous daily, shows a bigger picture that is intended to ward off despair. First the bad news. The red abc pattern projects to as low as 1100.60, a $116 drop from these levels. That is my worst-case scenario for the next 8-10 weeks, and the odds of this target being… (Continue to full article)

Stocks Are Now at 1999 Bubble Levels (Guess What’s Next)
Remember the 2007 Bubble? Remember how everyone said that it really wasn’t that big of a bubble because stocks weren’t as expensive as they had been during the previous bubble (the Tech Bubble).We all remember how that turned out: the bubble burst leading to the greatest financial crisis in 80 years.Well, today’s bubble is WAY larger than that of… (Continue to full article)

The Metal of Hope
In history gold alone has been the money of Kings. However, throughout most of recorded time there has been a metal far more important to the average man than gold. In the ancient of days it was silver alone that could provide the means for a slave to save and eventually purchase his freedom which is why silver became referred to as the Metal of Hope… (Continue to full article)

Cryptocurrencies vs. Bullion
Bitcoin and ethereum. By now, at least one of these nameswill be familiar to readers. These are “crypto-currencies”.What is a crypto-currency? In general terms, acrypto-currency is a digital currency where the value/exchange rate of thatcurrency is the product of a complex mathematical formula.Proponents of these crypto-currencies are adamant that… (Continue to full article)

Bitcoin’s acceptance among retailers is low and getting lower
Retailers were already skeptical about letting customers pay with bitcoin before the cryptocurrency’s price underwent an astronomical rally this year. That rapid surge hasn’t made them any more accepting. In fact, it may have done the opposite… (Continue to full article)

A Tale Of Two Gold Markets
In the early morning hours of Monday, June 26, gold fell about 1%, from $1,254 per ounce to $1,242 per ounce, in a matter of seconds. And that the equivalent of 1.8 million ounces of gold were sold at once. The 1.8 million ounce amount is equivalent to about 59 metric tons of gold. That’s about 2% of the entire gold mining production of the world for a full year. No one sells that amount of physical gold… (Continue to full article)

A decade after Great Recession, 1 in 3 Americans still haven’t recovered
No s#*t Sherlock! One in 3 people say they have yet to, or never will, recover financially from the 2007 recession, according to a new report from Country Financial. Women, African-Americans and low-income people have taken the hardest hit, with 25 percent of women, 26 percent of African-Americans and 37 percent of those earning less than $30,000 per year saying they would not be able to pay their bills within one month of being unemployed… (Continue to full article)

Gold is Watching
Gold is watching and waiting, moving down on deflation fears and then up again on the view that the Fed will have to reverse course once the economy cools down. My models show that bonds, Bill Gross and gold have it right and that stocks are heading for a fall… (Continue to full article)

Is This The Generation That Is Going To Financially Destroy America?
Did you know that the federal government is going to spend more than 4 trillion dollars this year? To put that into perspective, U.S. GDP for the entire year of 2017 is going to be somewhere between 18 and 19 trillion dollars. So when you are talking about 4 trillion dollars you are talking about a huge chunk of our economy. But of course the federal government doesn’t bring in 4 trillion dollars a year. At the beginning of Barack Obama’s first term, we were 10.6 trillion dollars in debt, and now we are nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt… (Continue to full article)

Should you save for retirement or pay off credit card debt?
Should you save for retirement or pay off credit card debt? If you’re carrying a card balance, you mayretirement 1 be wrestling with whether to put all your resources into attacking the debt, or start building your retirement nest egg while you slowly pay off debt. To figure out which scenario is better in a given situation, we’ve done the math for you… (Continue to full article)

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