HOWARD sezzzzz

“C’mon T.C. – let’s git the gold out their teeth!” ~ Strother Martin, The Wild Bunch, Dir. Sam Peckinpah; Warner Bros, 1969

Miss the special fer the week? Well it’s too bad pardner, ’cause it was a pow’rful load o’ goods fer the money… but it don’t matter no-how. Me an’ the boys ain’t even been loadin’ nuthin’ on this here web-site. Dobbsey is still out with Gold Tooth, an’ I think that they are up to something no-good, but me an’ Curtin are out at the mines, diggin’ out a new load o’ goods. We oughtta be back soon, with somethin’ good fer y’all.

An’ I’ma gonna tell ya’ pardner – we got better than them ol’ Bitsy coins – this here’s the REAL stuff!

C’mon back, if’n ya don’t wanta miss out on somethin’ special from the Sierra Madres. Gotta watch out fer them bandidos in the three piece suits.

…and Say pardner – we’ll be startin’ to load this here blog over the next couple o’ days – so ya’ll come back now…



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