Hey man, what a downer…

The Dow was down 666 points on Friday [and lot’s more on Monday – Ed.]. Was that the Illuminati’s signal for things to come? After all, they delight in telling the masses what they’ll do to them—especially using numerology.

Now we here the Rothschilds had a fire sale. They dumped their vast Black Forest land holdings—including their mansions. Was this because they didn’t want them seized? After all, there have long been rumors of human sacrifice on the properties and Trump as vowed to seize the properties of slave traffickers.

The money-addicted gambling bankers are in trouble again. There is massive debt in the system, including trillions sunk into derivatives and trillions more needed for entitlements and pensions. The Dow was obscenely bloated by the bubble-blowing Federal Reserve and Illuminati. Companies such as Tesla reached absurd valuations without any sign of turning a profit any time soon. The Dow has long been a rigged game and many Americans could not play it. After all, over 50 precent of us are living paycheck to paycheck. Too many young people can’t invest either. They are in banker-created debt slavery bondage. The middle class has been drained dry by too many taxes and stagnant wages. President Trump is trying to turn that around.

He’s also warring with the corrupt and Satanic deep state. They are fighting back. Their latest salvo? Crash the Dow as a warning to Trump.

Written and created by Ben Garrison for GRRRGRAPHICS ~ February 5, 2018.

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