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The following has been adapted from a previously posted commentary from one of our other websites.Ed.

For those regular readers of the Kettle Moraine Publications family of web-sites/Blogs – whatever you wish to call them you’ll note that with one exception, Metropolis Café we have been away for several weeks. Have we been fishing? In a round-about way, I guess so – but not for my usual desirable ‘catch’ – that is only for a past life. I’ll not bore you today with what I have been up to, other than to say it has also affected my daily broadcasts. I have been on extended hiatus there as well. I will return to the airwaves soon, however consider the following…

Since the inception of Federal Observer in July of 2001, and what eventually became Kettle Moraine Precious Metals some years later – this world has changed – and not for the better. This nation has changed – not for the better. The people of the united States have changed – also – not for the better. What? You actually thought that Hillary not being allowed access to the Oval Office was cause for celebration? Well, yeah – in and of itself – it was – BUT we are living in even greater daily turmoil today that at any time that I can remember in my seven decades of life.

What about our economy? It’s like riding ‘the Bobs‘ alongside of Two-Ton Baker at Riverview Park in Chicago  back in the day – it’s up, it’s down – but in the case of many Americans – it seems to be down-hill – all the way. Employment (while we are told is improving) doesn’t pay the way it used to. We are subsiding on 1969 wages in the 21st Century. Foreclosures and short sales on homes are still running at a feverish pace, while Veterans go without food and sleep in the streets of some of America’s biggest and most prosperous cities (shit holes) – all the while the government continues to dole out OUR tax money to refugees and illegal invaders, who sleep in our warm beds.

Tens of thousands of people in America (and around the world) are dying due to over-medication of what are now being referred to as ‘OPIOIDS’. Greater numbers of deaths – more than at anytime in our history – are being attributed to lunatics going into schools and church’s and killing innocent people via gun-fire – and folks – understand – it ain’t the gun doing the damage. NOPE it is due to lack of parenting, lack of morals – but once again – and abundance to the fine wares being distributed by BIG Pharma. I say ROUNDUP (pun intended) the basturds (misspelling intended) and let them serve out their punishment here on Earth (Lord, where is Judge Roy Bean when we so desperately need his brand of swift justice?) – and then when they reach the end of the road – they’ll serve Eternal punishment as well.

Still others are dying at the hands of illegal invaders, which the gutless, spineless band of elected representatives of ‘WE the People‘ have elected to protect and serve us all. Hang them too, but alas – the People of America no longer have the balls to stand up and do their job. The polite word is, “recall”. The proper term is “hang ’em!”

When the Federal Observer began seven weeks before 9/11 – there were few websites available of its type – and with our original stated mission. Since then – there are far too many Blogs and sites all sharing the same information, the same columns, etc. we are among the very few that do NOT bombard you with FLASH advertisements and on-going commercial endeavors, but then – I am just one man – but THEY are in it for the buck$. “Click HERE and donate” – it costs money to run this site!” No it doesn’t – not the kind of buck$ that THEY are raking in.

Are they committed to TRUTH, JUSTICE and the American Way – or the shekels which bind them?

Louis Turner, my former Associate Editor has major health problems, and at best only has the stamina to post dally with Sit-on-My-Face-Book commentaries. No longer does he have the ability to devote massive amounts of time to writing, editing, publishing and/or developing pointed graphic endeavors. I sadly miss his daily input – but he still lives and I am in touch with him almost daily (and as ill as he is – he is just a on-point, but as twisted as I). My prayers go out to him on a daily basis.

So, we look back on nearly eighteen years of publication of one website, where we look at the history of (at one time) millions of readers per month, and ask ourselves, “What the hell has gone wrong? What in the hell have we accomplished, other than reaching and maybe changing the beliefs and direction of a scant few people along the way? Is all we have accomplished is to stave off the inevitable for a few years longer?”

Today, we look back on 15 years on Kettle Moraine Precious Metals, and watch a two year slide of precious metals sales all over the country. Some of the largest precious metals advertisers and firms in the nation have gone out of business – some due to poor management – others due to fraud and theft – of YOUR money. Kettle Moraine Precious Metals is still here – but where are the buyers? Have they all gone broke? Moved their money into the erratic world of Karat-Bars and Itsy-Bitsy crypto coins? Is everyone looking for the quick buck? Have they all forgotten that the reason that they acquired gold and silver to begin with – was to save for the rainy day? Maybe that rainy day has come and gone for many…

US $2.50 Indian Gold

And yet – sometimes – you witness exactly what the game plan originally was. A father who was a big time client of mine going well back into the 1980’s, who shared his strategy with his son, who also became a long time client. “Dad” became ill with Alzheimer’s disease a couple of years back, and was living with Sonny Boy. The decision was made that the two of them had to relocate to a better climate – and they had the goods to liquidate. They moved somewhat North of their previous location and paid cash for  a new home. Dad passed some months later, but was a fairly calm and peaceful man. The son has begun to purchase once more. WHY? Because he knows that it’s going to rain once more – and he want to insure that he has an umbrella ready.

THAT is the reason that you own gold and silver. Not speculation as to how much is it going to be worth in a few years – but how much will it still purchase. The ONLY speculation that you want to make is ‘WHEN‘ will it all implode?

We continue to contemplate the fate of the Federal Observer. Most of my endeavors these days go toward the aforementioned, Metropolis Café and our oldest extant web-site, Dr. Kelley’s VICTORY Over Cancer. These are two areas where we continue to make a difference in people’s and family’s lives – and we are hearing of their respective successes. I do continue to hear from some of my older precious metals clients and their families.

As I close this commentary, my prayers go out to Granny as she checks in for surgery on March 9th, 2018. Jackie Juntti has been a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications for many, many years. She can be reached for comment at idzrus@earthlink.net.

As Granny has asked her readers for years, “What the hell difference does it make anyway?” Frankly speaking I guess that the only difference it make is, “Who’s side you are on in THIS life.”

I’ll see many of you at Sundown.

Jeffrey Bennett, Publisher
Kettle Moraine Publications

PS: Note the the representative images of Jeffrey Bennett and Louis Turner are located on the RIGHT side of the post. The image of the gold coins is on the left – because in the end – as with all nations and empires – the gold will be all that is left. Those who hold it – will SURVIVE!

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