Is there gold in them, thar hills?

Has $55 MILLION of gold lost during the Battle of Gettysburg finally been discovered in central Pennsylvania?

According to the tale, the gold disappeared during the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863

That’s what locals seem to believe after the FBI descended on site, along with representatives from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and treasure hunters Dennis and Kem Parada were seen digging around a remote area in Benezette Township, called Dents Run.

Dennis and his son Kem, the owners of the treasure hunting organization Finders Keepers, have claimed for years that 52 gold bars were buried under a fire pit at Dents Run more than 150 years ago during the Battle of Gettysburg.

The gold bars are believed to be worth an estimated $55 million.

Dennis Parada ( far left) and his son Kem (second from left) have said for years they tracked the lost gold to Dents Run. Dennis and Kem Parada are pictured with other Finders Keepers members Ryan Trymbiski (center), James Trymbiski (second from right) and Patrick Whelan (far right)

According to WJAC, the father and son, along with dozens of government and state officials were set up off Route 55 in Benezette Township on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the FBI said they could not discuss why agents were at Dents Run, revealing only that it was conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity.

The FBI also ordered Dennis and Kem not to discuss what was going on at the site.

The father and son duo, another treasure seekers, believe the bars were hidden during the Battle of Gettysburg when Abraham Lincoln ordered a gold shipment to pay union soldiers.

According to the tale, a Union wagon train left Wheeling, West Virginia with 52 bars of gold each weighing 50 pounds. Some accounts claim the wagon was carrying 26 gold bars.

The wagon train was to travel from Wheeling to Ridgway, Pennsylvania to Harrisburg, but never made it to its destination. The wagon got to St Marys and that was the last time it was seen.

The wagons and dead soldiers were later found – but the not the rumored gold.

The gold is said to be buried in a remote area in Benezette Township, called Dents Run

Dennis and Kem said in an older post on their site they had tracked the gold to Dents Run using high-powered medal detectors. They said the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources would not allow them to dig up the supposed gold.

A department spokesman said that the treasure hunters previously asked to excavate the site but elected not to pay a required $15,000 bond. The spokesman referred comment on the activity to the FBI.

Written by Associated Press and Minyvonne Burke for The Daily Mail ~ March 16, 2018.

“C’mon T.C. – let’s git the gold out their teeth!” ~ Strother Martin, The Wild Bunch, Dir. Sam Peckinpah; Warner Bros, 1969

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