Dateline: April 6, 2018


Stocks resume selloff in tariff tantrum
Dow off as much as 750 points… (Continue to full article)

Stock guru who called S&P 500 gains sees no new market high before October
Investors should give up any hope that the stock market will hit a new high within the next six months. That at least is the latest forecast from Sam Eisenstadt, the former research director at Value Line Inc…. (Continue to full article)

Why stocks could fall nearly 40% over the coming 18 months
The U.S. stock market has seen extreme volatility over the past two months, as investors grapple with the prospect of a trade war, potential regulation for large-capitalization internet companies, and changing monetary policy from the Federal Reserve… (Continue to full article)

5 things to do right now instead of panicking about stock market volatility
Rather than freaking out about the market’s rough rollercoaster ride, there are several steps consumers can take to better their financial health in just a few minutes… (Continue to full article)

Improving Expectations Won’t Improve the Reality of Economic Conditions
Given the popular view that expectations are the key driving force of an economy, many economists hold that “positive” thinking and large dosages of “good” news can prevent bad expectations from developing. This, in turn, will prevent a fall in econom…… (Continue to full article)

21 Trillion Reasons to Own Gold
The main reason is that no matter whether it’s up or down – it’s REAL – and will always be there if and when YOU need it… (Continue to full article)

Hi-Ho Silver, awaaay

New Silver Bull Coming
Silver has been dead money over the past year or so, relentlessly grinding sideways to lower. That weak price action has naturally left this classic alternative investment deeply out of favor. Silver is extremely undervalued relative to gold, so… If so – then buy the REAL thing – not a stock or an ETF. Call Kettle Moraine at 623 – 327 – 1778 today and we’ll work hard to get you the most physically held silver for the least amount of money – in the strictest of privacy. That’s 623 – 327 – 1778… (Continue to full article)

Illusions Unraveling
I would say that practically all the financial journals were on the take. This includes reporters for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Herald-Tribune, you name it… A publicity man called A. Newton Plummer had canceled checks from practically every major journalist in New York City.” ~ Robert Sobel, PBS: The Great Crash of 1929… (Continue to full article)

When the big ones start going, you better head for the hills.
Eric Sprott discusses the latest US jobs report, the stock market and the surging open interest in Comex silver… (Continue to full article)

Trump’s Remarks Send Dow Futures Plunging 360 Points Last Night
If you have ever watched the past Chairs of the Federal Reserve give their semi-annual testimony before the U.S. House and Senate, you are aware of how carefully they parse their words to avoid rattling the stock or bond markets. That’s how people in high places in government with insider information behave. But now we have Rambo in the Oval Office, randomly throwing grenades into already wildly fluctuating markets… (Continue to full article)

Central Banks, LIBOR, & The Road To Ruin
While many factors deserve merit, we argue that the most prominent driver of the LIBOR-OIS spread’s surge is the drastic change in policy of the central banks… (Continue to full article)

How Much Income You Need To Afford the Average Home In Every State
Housing prices are on the rise, thanks in large part to extremely tight inventory, so it’s worth asking: are potential home buyers getting priced out of the market?… (Continue to full article)

How To Recognize When Your Society Is Suffering A Dramatic Decline
Educating people on the blatant facts behind our own national decline can dissolve the wall of denial, and perhaps we will find when disaster strikes that there are far more awake and aware individuals ready to act than we originally thought… (Continue to full article)

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