The Way Things Are…

No matter the political direction the wind may blow, and no matter what we are told on the news – the job market in America is not all that we are led to believe and although this video is a few years old, there IS a Cost of Livin’. Are you prepared to ‘pay the price‘?

I walked in to a McDonald’s the other morning after dropping off family at the airport, and what did I see? – two electronic devices which would allow me to place my order and pay for it – without using the services of a human being behind the counter. I was approached by an employee who offered to have me place my order on the new device. I politely declined as did most other people who she had approached. I then turned to her and asked her if she knew what she was doing, at which point she answered, “I don’t know what you mean.”

I answered, “You are putting yourself out of a job. Where will you work next?

She became very quiet.

There may be more people working in this country than have been for a long time, but the question remains, “What kind of a job?” OR, “How many part-time jobs does it take to care for your family in the manner that a single, career job once did?” Or maybe you expect to reach 35 years of age and have no job.

…and as sung in the song, as of this date – gasoline has gone over $3.00 at the pump.

Jeffrey Bennett, Editor
May 24, 2018

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