Dateline: May 28, 2018


The End Of Stimulus? (And The Start Of The Crash?)
We are still paying the price from 2008, when the central banks committed a massive error by not allowing the markets and their bad debts to actually clear. Yes, it would have been acutely painful; but we would have been through the worst within a year or two and in the process restored the system to a much healthier and sustainable state. But now, the pain of the 2008 crash will seem like a mere flesh wound compared to the devastation the next deflationary wave will wreak. That’s when the inevitable fiat currency crisis will begin in earnest. At that time you’ll need to run, not walk, to buy anything with intrinsic value that can’t be inflated away — before your currency becomes worthless… (Continue to full article)

Getting Rich On Taxpayer-Backed Subprime Mortgages
The Government now guarantees mortgages which require no money from the buyer’s pocket for a down payment, a 50% DTI (monthly total debt payments = 50% of pre-tax personal income), no income restrictions and will finance down to a 580 credit score. Someone with a 580 score has a track record of debt default, serial delinquency and, quite likely, a recent bankruptcy… (Continue to full article)

Why America Is Heading Straight Toward The Worst Debt Crisis In History
“Today, America is nearly 70 trillion dollars in debt, and that debt is shooting higher at an exponential rate…We are literally on a path to national suicide.”… (Continue to full article)

The ‘Axis of Gold’ Will Drive Gold Higher by the End of 2018
A major blind spot in US strategic economic doctrine is the increasing use of physical gold by China, Russia, Iran, Turkey and others both to avoid the impact of US sanctions and create an offensive counterweight to US dominance of dollar payment systems… (Continue to full article)

Thinking of selling your home?
Do it before 2020, economists say. Prospective home buyers these days are probably feeling pressure to lock in a deal quickly given skyrocketing home prices across most of the country. But those who wait a couple of years may be rewarded… (Continue to full article)

Debt Slaves, Part 1: Million Dollar Student Loans And The Coming Bailout
oday’s Wall Street Journal is profiling an orthodontist who has $1 million in student loans, is paying less than the interest that’s accruing, and because of this will owe $2 million in the not too distant… (Continue to full article)

Gold Is Rare and Valuable – 11 Must See Gold Visualisations
Since Ancient times, gold has served a very unique function in society. Gold is extremely rare, impossible to create out of “thin air”, easily identifiable, malleable, and it does not tarnish. By nature of these properties, gold has been highly valued throughout history for every tiny ounce of weight. That’s why it’s been used by people… (Continue to full article)

Are Investors Finally Waking Up To The Opportunity In The Gold Market?
For years the mainstream investment world has looked on anyone who talks about gold and silver as if they are some sort of conspiracy theorist who just doesn’t understand the markets. Yet evidence… (Continue to full article)

Where the Debt Slaves Are the Most Vulnerable
I’m shedding a different light on consumer debt. This type of chart is trotted out constantly these days to show that American households are in fabulous shape when it comes to their ability to service their blistering record debts. The red line in the… (Continue to full article)

Investors Should Take Advantage Of the Gold Price NOW!
The safe haven qualities of gold have brought it firmly back into the spotlight this year… (Continue to full article)

The Coming Copper Crunch
Copper had one of it best years ever in 2017, rising 27% on the back of supply disruptions and steady demand from China, by far the largest copper consumer. Commodities analysts are usually wrong about copper supply, always predicting a glut in the market for the ubiquitous metal used in everything from piping for plumbing to wiring in houses, to components of electric vehicles. What they fail to account for is the inevitable stoppages at the major copper mines… (Continue to full article)

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