June 5, 2018: 50 Years from Yesterday

On this day in 1968, some ten years after I sat in a bank in Mukwonago, Wisconsin – where I purchased my first silver coins out of a bag in a Vault – I landed in Viet Nam where I would experience a twenty-one month long adventure – one that would guide me for the next half century. ~ J. B.


Why Gold is a Terrible Investment… and will Save the Lives of your Children
The main value of gold comes from our  **agreement** among ourselves to use it as a “store of value”.

The carpenter can trade his chairs for gold whenever someone wanting chairs shows up at his door, **and** at any later time the carpenter can, when he is hungry, trade his gold to the farmer for food.

It is the farmer’s willingness to trade food for gold and the carpenter’s willingness to trade tables and chairs for gold, that solves the “coincidence of wants” problem.

The farmer and the carpenter do not need to want to trade their items at the same time, they can store the value of their trades in gold and trade the gold at any time in the future for the items they want… (Continue to full article)

Housing Bubble Pathologies Start to Bite – Yet Another Sign the Cycle Has Peaked
The early stages of a housing bubble are fun for pretty much everyone. Homeowners see their equity start to rise and feel smart for having bought, home seekers have to pay up, but not too much… (Continue to full article)

15 Signs That The Middle Class In The United States Is Being Systematically Destroyed
In order to have a thriving middle class, you need middle class jobs, and our country is in desperate need of more of those jobs. At this point most American families are living on the edge, and more are falling into poverty with each passing month… (Continue to full article)

Price Transparency in Health Care Has Gotten Worse
The push for increased pricing transparency in health care over the past decade or so has been a flop, judging from new research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association . The… (Continue to full article)

Get “Positioned In Gold” Now As “You Will Not Have Time To Get Positioned” Later
This year’s “gold standard” of gold-related research has just come out. Conveniently enough – given gold’s “safe haven” reputation – it’s arrived just in time for another major financial market scare, this time in the form of Italy. Below, I consider some of the most pertinent points… The monetary tide is turning – but… (Continue to full article)

Gold’s Monetary Rehabilitation
There is a quiet revolution taking place in the monetary vacuum that’s developing on the back of the erosion of the dollar’s hegemony. It is perhaps too early to call what’s happening to the dollar the beginning of its demise as the world’s reserve currency, but there is certainly a move away from it in Asia. And every time the Americans deploy their control over global trade settlement as a weapon against the regimes they dislike, nations who… (Continue to full article)

Gold’s 12 Month Road To $1700
The next Fed rate hike is only about two weeks away, and another ramp-up in monthly quantitative tightening is scheduled for the end of June. Investors are generally quite positive about the economy, but they don’t have much cash to invest. Most citizens of the Western world have meagre savings, a lot of debt, and inflation threatens to make matters worse for them. A lot worse. With each passing month, more institutional money managers and… (Continue to full article)

Here Is How Inflation Will Help Gold Get Its Glitter Back
Inflation played a key role in “stabilizing” gold prices over the last couple of years and it is now at a point where it can be of great benefit to the precious metal, according to Leuthold’s chief investment strategist. “Inflation pressures have been ‘slowly’ building, helping to stabilize the price of gold, and an important indicator recently suggests that inflation has reached a point which should prove much more beneficial to the yellow metal”… (Continue to full article)

If You’re An Illinois Taxpayer With High Blood Pressure, Don’t Read This
In Illinois, some of the worst performing school districts award the largest salaries – and it hasn’t helped student scores…… (Continue to full article)

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