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Since 650, coins have been minted in Great Britain, at that time in several mints across the country. Around 1540, the remaining mints closed and the Royal Mint was the only mint normally in operation. In 1663, striking coins by hand was finally abandoned with the introduction of screw presses and horse-drawn rolling mills!

British Sovereigns are recognized worldwide and have been used as emergency money for decades. Allied World War II pilots carried British Gold Sovereigns in their survival kits. Even in Desert Storm, American pilots carried these historic gold coins as their emergency money in case they were downed in Iraqi territory. Clearly, genuine British Sovereigns are private, portable, and have instant liquidity worldwide.

It is clear that the Royal Mint has a long history of producing circulating coinage for Great Britain, and and they are the most recognized fractional gold coin in the world. Ask your local 7 Eleven store owner… ‘The Sun never sets on the British Empire‘. You may not like their politics or their ‘ruling class’ – but gold is gold and these are among the most popular gold coins that we have continued to offer for nearly 30 years. We offer these un-circulated gold coins in non-specified dates, but each presented to you will be of a modern vintage, dating 2017 and before.

Current Pricing (subject to change with market movement):

  1 to 9 coins @ $335.00 each

10 to 19 coins @ $333.00 each

20 coins plus @ $331.00 each

Above orders of this size are subject to a $25.00 shipping and handling fee. In the event that payment is made via bank-wire, additional fees may be applicable.

50 coins or more @ $328.00 each with FREE SHIPPING

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